Long & Hard Bamboo Tees 100pk

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The hardest tees in golf. These puppies have tested to last 7 times longer than hardwood tees! (When used with a driver only).

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Hit it long and hit it hard.

Our 70mm Long & Hard Bamboo Golf Tees have tested to last up to 7 times longer than hardwood tees. Designed to be found, their shiny hyper-white coating means you won’t have to waste time hunting for them on the tee box.

Bamboo > Hardwood

Bamboo is the perfect material for golf tees. The fibres run vertically so they’re super strong and have more flex than hardwood tees. In fact our tees have tested to last up to 7 times longer than leading hardwood tees.

Bamboo is also one of the world’s fastest growing and most sustainable resources. Save a tree and switch to bamboo!

Designed To Be Found

How much time do you spend searching for your tee after piping one down the fairway? We’ve considered this common time waster in the design of our tees and given them a hyper-white coating. There’s a reason golf balls are white too! Our tees stick out like a sore thumb on the tee box.

The Perfect Length

We’ve found 70mm to be the perfect length tee for pumping drives deep down the fairway. Not too long, not too short, just right! Place them between 10mm and 20mm into the turf for a maximum lifespan.

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This item ships from Australia. If your in Australia you’re very likely to receive your tees in 5 business days. International orders are very likely to arrive in 2 to 3 weeks.


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