What We’re About

Join the revolution.

At Golf Hard we have two core values that drive our apparel range.

1. Changing Perceptions

We are tired of golf’s elitist reputation amongst the uninformed. This reputation exists because of traditions that have repressed the game over hundreds of years. Sure, we have come a long way but many still see golf as a game for rich, lazy, elitist douchebags in shit clothes. It’s not about goofy pants and a fat ass as Happy Gilmore once said. Golf is about skill, mental agility and competition. We’re tired of Golf Club Wankers. It’s time for clubs and their administrations to take a chill pill and move on from the 1950’s.

2. Golf Hard or Go Home

Golf is a hard game and a hard game should be played hard.

Golf Hard is a choice to play each shot to its maximum potential. In our opinion it’s the way the game should be played. No lay ups, no lag putts and no fear. Got a short par-4? You’d better be hitting driver. Got a barely hittable lie? You’d better give it a crack like this little legend.


Our range of apparel and accessories are driven by these values and if you can relate to any of the above then please join us! Rep the gear, push the boundaries, play hard and help grow the game.