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  • Keyboard Scratch Player Confessions of a Keyboard Scratch Player

    With social media at an all time high, it is no surprise to see that even the golf world has flocked to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in their thousands, myself included. It seems there are plenty of people who want to share their golf experiences to a much wider audience rather […]

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  • Are you a Golf Club Wanker?

    Golf Club Wankers. They’re everywhere. The traits of GCW a vast and varied. So much so in fact, you could be one and not even know about it. Let’s find out… On the course GCW’s have some shared traits they display while actually playing golf: When practicing on the course the GCW will always play […]

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  • Donald Trump Elitist Douche Go ahead. Play golf in a t-shirt

    What’s the big deal? What makes not having a little flap of fabric that makes a collar mean you can’t play golf? Functionally they’re the same (aside from less neck protection) so what’s the problem? To figure this out we’ve got to go back to the “good ole days”… Throughout golf’s early rise in Scotland […]

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  • Golf: The hardest sport in the world

    Golf is hard. So hard in fact not many sports get close to it in difficulty (in our opinion). By taking up the game you are opening up yourself to a world of under achievement and mental torment. If you can persevere through the first few years you’re a true sucker for punishment! But the […]

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