Pick the winner and the score and win $100 store credit

Win $100 store credit!

Be the first to pick the winner and the score to take the glory (and the prize)!

    1. Join the Golf Hard Club (you’ll be signed up automatically when you fill the entry form below. If you’re already on the list then you’re good to go)
    2. Pick the winning player (DJ has to be the hot favourite!)
    3. Pick the winning score (how low can they go?)
    4. Winner takes all!

Entries are closed. Good luck to all entrants.

Entries close 11:59pm Wednesday 5 April 2017. One entry per person. In the event that more than one entries are correct the winner will be the entrant who submitted their entry first. In the event that no entrant picks the correct winner and score the prize will be cancelled.

The winner must be on the Golf Hard Club email list at the end of the tournament.

The winning entrant will be notified by email no later than Wednesday 12 April.

By entering the competition you agree to these terms and conditions.