How matches work

Setting up matches is easy. Once you have created or joined a match, you’ll find it in “My Matches”.

How Matches Work
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Creating matches

You create matches by hitting the plus icon button on the “My Matches” screen. If you want to challenge a specific player, enter their name in the “Invite player” field. If you leave this field blank, you’ll create an open match where any player can join.

Joining matches

To join a match hit the search icon on the “My Matches” screen and all the open matches in your town/city will be listed. Hit the match you want to play then hit the “Play” button to join the match.

If you are challenged to a match by another player the match will be listed in “My Matches” in a “Pending” state. To join, hit the match and then the “Accept” button.

Join Match
Edit Match

Editing matches

You can edit the details of a match (date, course, wager) when you are the player who created it. If you edit a scheduled match it will go into a pending state until the other player accepts the changes.

Match results

On the day of the match (and after), you’ll be able to add the results of your match and gross scores for the round. Either player can add the results but they will only be confirmed and sent to your profile when the other player confirms them. Results can be edited by either player until they are confirmed.

Match Results