Golf: The hardest sport in the world

Golf is hard. So hard in fact not many sports get close to it in difficulty (in our opinion). By taking up the game you are opening up yourself to a world of under achievement and mental torment. If you can persevere through the first few years you’re a true sucker for punishment! But the worst should be over…

Arnold Palmer once said “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”… Why is it so hard to hit a small white ball into a hole? Seems easy enough…

So many skills!

Once you’ve kicked one football you’ve kicked them all. What other sport has as many facets to master as golf? Driving, long irons, short irons, pitching, chipping, bunkers and the ultimate game within a game… putting. All different, all difficult. Once you think you have one down you’ll inevitably start failing in another and then also the one you had down a week ago…

Why is Golf so Hard?

Nice move bro… The golf swing

3 words… Range. Of. Motion. The golf swing involves a huge move away from, and back to a tiny stationary ball. Mess it up by the tiniest of margins and you’re 3 of the tee!

The fact that the ball ain’t moving before you hit it also makes things difficult. You’ve got to generate all the power and timing yourself. Plus, there’s plenty of time to let less than optimum thoughts into your brain. Don’t hit it in the water!

Just tap it in!

“Half of golf is fun, the other half is putting.” Ah… putting, nothing better when you’re hot nothing worse than when you’re not. Heard of the yips? That’s a disease mainly associated with putting. Yes, that’s right, putting can make you mentally ill. You can go from nailing everything within 10 feet to not even touching the hole from 3.

Even the pros often end up struggling with the flat stick. Ernie’s infamous 6 putt, Scottie going with the broomstick, not a week on tour goes by without someone missing a tiny one.


Like putting but harder. Nuff said.

Play it as it lies…

This is both the beauty of golf and the demise of many shots to and around the green. You never have the same lie twice. Variety is what makes our game so great but it also adds another layer of hardness to the frustration scale.

Even the type of grass used on different courses can destroy your chance of making a good score. Grain running against you? Better not hit it fat!

Are we insane?

Probably. Masochistic? Definitely.

What part of the game do you find hardest? Or maybe your the next GOAT and this is 100% bollocks not 50%…

Let us know in the comments!

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