Bombtech 72 Degree Grenade Wedge Review

BombTech Golf hooked us up with their Grenade 72 degree wedge. Here’s what we think of it.

This thing is definitely not for the faint hearted… If you’re above a 10 handicap or if you prefer to hit a chip and run over a lofted shot then you can probably stop reading now. Unless you’re prepared to risk 150 yard blades (or 1 yard flubs) to pull off the occasional miracle flop. This club is for flopaholics only. We all know golf is a risk and reward game and if you’re the type to grab the game by the plums then a 72 degree wedge could be a great addition to your bag.

The Conventional Wedge Set

Most reasonable golfers will carry 3 wedges. A pitching or gap wedge (48-54 degrees) a sand wedge (56ish degrees) and a lob wedge (58-64 degrees). This is all well and good but when we thought about it, the difference between the shots you can hit with a sand wedge and lob wedge are not that great. This ponders the question; would it be better to carry a lob wedge with say, 72 degrees? After having it in the bag for a month or so this isn’t as silly as it may sound.

So how does it go?

Not bad at all in short… Admittedly it took some getting used to but with a bit of practice this thing is pretty deadly (especially if you have a habit of short-siding yourself). I can get about 85 yards out of it but wouldn’t be reaching for it from that distance. 20 yards over a bunker with no green to work with is this clubs ticket.
Bombtech 72 Degree Wedge Review

A good looker for sure

As you can see BombTech have their wedges looking slick. Simple lines, simple design. The face is pretty big when compared to my 60 degree Vokey but it sets up the way you would want, so not a negative for me. All in all no issues in the looks department!

What about the quality?

Having only had the club a month or so i can’t say much on the long-term quality but I will say a couple of things. Firstly, this wedge feels great when you strike the ball, it feels well made. It is a little on the light side when compared to my Vokeys but hey, it’s easier to swing harder that way!

If we had to criticise something it would be the grip. Haven’t had any issues with it but it feels a little on the budget side. That being said, you have to consider the price point of this puppy.

At only $39.99 you can’t expect all the premium components of a wedge 3x the price. So far the quality of the BombTech 72 degree Grenade more than stands up, especially when you bring the price into the equation.

Should I buy one?

You should buy this if:

  • You hit a lofted shot at every opportunity
  • You’re confident with a 60 degree wedge
  • You always go for the pin so end up short-sided often
  • You don’t follow the crowd
  • You appreciate good value for money

BombTech also have a 52, 56 and 60 degree wedge with the same set up and price point as the 72. After road-testing the 72 we’re pretty keen to get our hands on them!

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